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Mirror Lake Elementary School music classes are taught by Mrs. Natalie B. Murray.   Each GRADE LEVEL receives music daily and all year long.  Due to the amount of classes in each grade, each individual homeroom class receives music instruction every 4 days, therefore sometimes receiving music education at least once per week and sometimes even twice in one week!

        Music education at MLES consists of many different facets, such as singing, playing various rhythm instruments, dancing, learning to read music, music history, how music relates to other subjects, and much, much more.  The music curriculum is in alignment with the National Standards for Music Education.

       One of the most exciting aspects of music education at MLES is the study of the piano keyboard.  We are privileged to have a mini-piano keyboard lab which consists of 18 Yamaha keyboards.  Mrs. Murray is a skilled pianist and taught private piano lessons for 10 years before coming to MLES.  This is a definite passion for her, and the students have a LOT of fun learning the basics of piano playing.   Research has shown that children that engage in playing piano at an early age, tend to have higher success in other areas of study, particularly language and math which is yet another GREAT benefit of adding piano instruction to the general music classes at "The Lake"!

    You will find more information about Mrs. Murray under the "staff" section of the website including contact information if you are interested in volunteering in any aspect of the MLES Music program.  You can also find information about the MLES CHORUS under the "Clubs/Organizations" section of the website.