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Golden Garden

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The Golden Garden of MLES

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   The "Golden Garden" of MLES is wonderful "outdoor classroom" that is full of ways for our students to learn!  In our garden, the students explore, predict, plan, observe, measure, calculate, and research.  It is like one big, hands-on science lab!  Students also research and learn about environmentally-friendly garden practices for planting, growing, and harvesting.  The part of our garden the students love the most, of course, is having fun playing in the dirt and water and getting to harvest and even sometimes "taste" what is being grown!

    Students in the After-School Program (Grades 2nd-5th) will be involved in the daily care and upkeep of the garden.  However, students in the ENTIRE school will be able to experience the garden in some capacity with their classroom teachers.  If you would like to be involved in our School Garden initiative, please contact Mrs. Natalie B. Murray at 770-651-4393 or email at