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Mirror Lake Elementary Roadrunners

2 Awesome finishers of the PET Run
2 Awesome finishers of the PET Run

Please check out the "photo album" for some wonderful pictures of our Roadrunner Team 


Mirror Lake Roadrunners

Roadrunners originated in 1993 by Kelly Williams, a physical education teacher at Lithia Springs Elementary, in Douglasville, Georgia. The purpose for Roadrunners is to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles and provide an after school running enrichment program for children that offers the opportunity to improve running knowledge and skills, to participate in running events, and to give children a chance to meet other students in the school and the community. The program is also designed to be a self-esteem builder for children, giving them a feeling of success when he/she finishes a race and challenging them to improve their personal run times for future events.


This running program is for anyone interested in Grades Kindergarten through 5th - Grades. Practices are held every Monday evening from 5:30 - 6:30ish p.m. (unless it rains) at Clinton Farms. Weather permitting, we will be running on the various courses Clinton Farms provides. Since practices will be held off school grounds it is MANDATORY that at least one parent, guardian, relative, or other Roadrunner parent sign up with the child(ren) involved. The following is a typical agenda that will be followed at most Roadrunner practices:


1.     Short time of fellowship, discuss upcoming races, recognize runners for participating in races and other related information


2.     Warm-up and stretching


3.     Cardiovascular exercise (20-30 minute jog on track, trail run or other fun activity)


4.     Water or sport drink cool down (optional-bring your own drink)


5.     Record mileage after run. Mileage will only be logged for practices and races. Roadrunners will earn fitness “shoe” charms for reaching certain mile-markers:


13.1 miles charm


26.2 miles charm


40 miles charm


60 miles charm


80 miles charm


100 miles charm


(and so on)




In no way will children be allowed to be dropped off and picked up at the end of practice unless it was prearranged with Coach Hughes! If your child is riding home with someone else, please write the physical education department a note or leave a phone message stating whom your child will be riding home with after practice.

Children should try to attend all practices in order to develop and maintain cardiovascular endurance. Note: practicing only once per week will not improve cardiovascular endurance and race performance. It is recommended that your child exercise at least 3-4 times per week to see noticeable differences in fitness and finishing times. The season goes approximately from August-November and February-May)! It is important that parents and students remember that the running enrichment program is a privilege and an honor. It is important that children maintain both academic and behavioral responsibilities in the classroom. Children receiving four paybacks during the school year will be dismissed from the team. I will be checking report cards, but parents need to help me be aware of any academic or behavioral problems your child may be having in the classroom.


Races will be posted throughout the school year. Race information will always be handed out during Roadrunner practices and available on the MLE School Website. To access race forms, click on Athletics, then Sports, then Roadrunners, then Forms. It is your responsibility to get race information if you were not at practice. Cost for all races is approximately $10.00 - $15.00, which usually includes entry registration and a T-shirt. I encourage both parents and students to run as many races as possible. I do require though, that all runners participate in a minimum of four races in order to receive a “letter” (like the ones on a high school letterman’s jacket) that will be presented at the end of the year. Parents will always need to provide transportation to and from the races. Note: all entries must be mailed to the school hosting the race or handled on race day at the race venue. NO FORMS CAN BE TURNED IN BY THE ROADRUNNER COACHES! Thanks for working with us on this new policy.




In Roadrunners, the safety of your child is the most important priority, especially when we attend race events. Therefore, I suggest that you purchase a Roadrunner T-shirt for $10.00. The shirt is going to be unique to our school with the team name on the front of the shirt. It will be easier to spot Mirror Lake Roadrunners when he/she is running. We prefer that your child wear light-weight/comfortable shorts to run in. A form is attached for T-shirt orders. Please send in order forms ASAP so that T-shirts can immediately be purchased. I look forward to having your child as a Roadrunner and we hope that together we can make this program a fun and successful experience for everyone.


          To participate, a Roadrunner membership fee of $10.00 is required……this fee does NOT include the T-shirt. This fee will cover the following:


1. Purchase of Roadrunner letters and bars (a bar represents one Roadrunner season)


2. Roadrunner equipment, shoe charms, and physical education-based equipment.

Click on "Forms" to see the Mirror Lake Roadrunners Registration Packet