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Douglas County Assessment Policy and Procudres
Posted On:
Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Douglas County Board of Education implements the assessment program in the Douglas County School System (DCSS) as specified by the State Board of Education and the State School Superintendent. Testing includes all state mandated tests as well as local assessments.

Tests in DCSS are administered in accordance with the requirements of the governing agency for the assessment and with a high level of security to ensure an appropriate testing environment, the integrity of the assessment and the validity of the data provided by the assessment.

In accordance with the guidelines provided by the State Board of Education and the Professional Standards Commission, each test is administered in such a way that prevents, mitigates, and reports any irregularities arising at any time before, during or after testing. Testing Coordinators and other employees have an obligation and are trained to report testing irregularities and those who do so in good faith will not be subject to any reprisal.

Employees must comply with all Douglas County School System policies and Georgia Professional Standards Commission rules with regard to testing ethics. Employees who violate these provisions shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Please visit the link below for more information on Douglas County School System Test Security Plan Procedures:

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