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J.D. Hughes Staff Photo
Mr.  J.D.  Hughes
Physical Education (K-5)
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Subjects Taught
Physical Education


Present Position: Mirror Lake Elementary School Physical Education Lead Teacher (K-5)


Information:                           University                                       Major

Bachelors Degree      BS, Kennesaw State University, March of 1995              Health & Physical Education (K-12)

Masters Degree        M. Ed, State University of West Georgia, March of 1997  Health & Physical Education (K-12)

Specialists Degree    Ed. S St. University of West Georgia, May of 1999        Health &Physical Education (K-12)   

National Board         Nat. Board for Professional Teaching Cert. Standards, 2001   Physical Education (K-12)



Professional Experience:

Position                      Location                                                  Length of Service

Health and Physical Ed.   McEachern High School, Cobb Co, GA         Jan. 1995 - June, 1995

Physical Education          Arbor Station Elementary, Douglasville, GA      1995 - 1997

Physical Education          Bright Star Elementary, D'ville, GA      Opened Fall of 1997 - 2002

Physical Education          Mirror Lake Elem., Villa Rica, GA     Opened Fall of 2002 - present


*Please go to to learn more about the books and DVDs I've written and produced, to read more on my bio. and to learn more about the staff development and workshops I offer.

Please click on the "SPORTS" section at the Mirror Lake Home Page to get any information related to Physical Education, F.I.T.T Club, and Roadrunners.

            My name is J.D. Hughes and I have been an elementary physical education teacher since 1995 in Douglas County, GA. I am the author of No Standing Around In My Gym, PE2theMax: Maximize Skills, Participation, Teamwork, and Fun, PE2theMax II: Stepping up the "Game" in Physical Education, PE²: Double the Physical + Double the Education = Double the Fun, and HyPEd Up! Taking PE Games to the Next Level along with my Volumes 1-4 Physical Education Instructional DVD's. Please check out my website at I also had the honor of being awarded the Georgia Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year in 2004-2005 and 2014-2015 and was also awarded the 2014-2015 Southern District Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year. My desire as Mirror Lake's Physical Education teacher, is to provide a challenging yet developmentally appropriate physical learning environment striving for motor skill development, physical fitness and cognitive awareness as recognized by the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE). I enjoy working with students and families to promote physical fitness after school hours through the  Roadrunner's Club. I also enjoy serving as a cooperating teacher and mentor for local colleges. I'm a National Board Certified Teacher (2001 and 2011), with a Master's (1997) and Education Specialist's degree (1999). I also provide staff development to local school districts, conduct conference presentations and workshops all over the nation. Please know that I am passionate about physical education, constantly striving to look for new ways to improve my teaching, to share my practice, and strengthen the teaching profession. I'm also on the advisory board for the Best Practices and the 3-5 Lesson Plans area of P.E., a website for physical education teachers.  

          In my class, you'll get a look at 21st century physical education, including a view of fun-packed games and activities that I have developed or modified to engage and motivate students. I focus on movement-based education; lessons that promote communication, cooperation and personal responsibility, and activities that encourage brainstorming and critical thinking. Your child will learn how to become physically fit and most importantly......have FUN in Physical Education!